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1. Select a product and put it in the cart (click on「カートに入れる」'Put in the Cart').
2. After moving to the shopping cart, check the details of your order and click「ショッピングを続ける」 “Continue Shopping” to continue your shopping.
3. When your order is finished, please click「レジに進む」"Proceed to Checkout".
4. Enter the customer information and click「次へ」“Next”.
5. You can choose to have normal or gift-package and click「次へ」“Next”.
*Orders from overseas can only be paid by credit card.
*Please notice beforehand that you cannot specify the delivery date and time.
6. If everything is ok, click 「ご注文を確定する」“Confirm Order”.
7. Enter your credit card information and click「次へ」“Next”.
8. Your order is complete. Please check your inbox for the order confirmation email.


For overseas shipping, the shipping cost is around 2,500 yen (excluding tax) equally for all purchase.
However, please acknowledge beforehand that the shipping fee is 3,500 yen (excluding tax) only for orders that including long umbrellas and yukatas.

< Long Umbrella >

※ Japanese Pattern Textile 16-Rib Long Umbrella
※ Fugaku Bull's Eye 24-Rib Long Umbrella
※ Retro Dome Umbrella
※ Japanese Pattern Textile Natural Bamboo 16-Rib Long Umbrella
※ Japanese Pattern Textile Natural Bamboo Parasol Umbrella
※ Safety Transparent Children's Umbrella
※ Hokusai Bangasa (Coarse Oilpaper) Umbrella
※ Maiko Umbrella ... etc

Products will be delivered by EMS.
In addition, import tax, duties and other fees that are levied when goods arrive in your country of residence may be burdened to you.
You will be responsible for any additional charges for customs clearance.
We cannot change nor predict these prices.


  • After confirming the payment, your order cannot be canceled or modified.
  • We are not responsible for any damage or loss during delivery.
  • A warranty period of "Within 7 Days" will be set up after customers receive the product. (Umbrella has no warranty period.)
  • For initial failure within the period, we will send you another product. Please inform us for this request.
  • Repairment services are only available for all products sold by our brand store. However, customers will be responsible for round-trip shipping, repair costs and customs duties.
  • Due to customs clearance, delivery may be delayed from the original scheduled delivery date.
  • The spread of COVID-19 infection, EMS is limited to certain regions in some countries. Please check the URL below for the EMS handling area.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Response time : Monday to Friday (except holidays)