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  • 2020.06.12

hokusai graphic

UKIYO-E painted by the world-famous Japanese artist HOKUSAI have motivated and greatly influenced a number of Western impressionist painters including Van Gogh and Monet.
Through unusual artistic composition and only using the color blue,he was able to create remarkably unique three-dimensional paintings.
His main work,”Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji”, influenced many overseas and was part of the “Blue Revolution”.
To this day,his masterpieces continue to attract interest from all over the world. Our “HOKUSAI GRAPHIC” umbrella is in keeping with world-renowned HOKUSAI graphic design and incorporates the unique blue color he used.

The Japanese and umbrellas

During the Edo period,umbrellas became popular in Japan.
At the same time,KABUKI also became fashionable and on the kabuki stage, named SUKEROKU, a scene appeared which utilized umbrellas. Since then, the act of having an umbrella has become somewhat iconic.
In Japan, using an umbrella when it’s raining is quite a normal thing to do.
However, together with their practical usage, here you can also find an “IKI”(’cool’)point assosiated with umbrellas that is quite particular to the Japanese sense of beauty.

Japanese Umbrella BANGASA

  • 1.Natural wood for the shaft and handle
  • 2.Flexible rib structure
  • 3.Unusual HOKUSAI design
  • 4.Large size
  • 5.Un-tout-cas(combination parsol and umbrella) Japanese umbrella

3 fold umbrella and 16 rib umrella

  • 1.Traditional method of manufacture with more than 100 process stages.
  • 2.Japanese made WASHI
  • 3.Incorporates HOKUSAI emblem